Master the Art of

Project Planning and Control (PPC)

Navigate Success with Precision

Increase your earning capacity

Earn a certificate that opens up employment across various lucrative industries

100% of our students secured roles within 6 months of certification

They all credited Lion Heart for supporting them into their new jobs

In today’s dynamic business landscape, effective project planning and control are the
cornerstones of achieving project goals on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of stakeholders

How a PPC Certificate boasts your Career

Improves Earning Potential

Employers are willing to pay for skilled and certified professionals

Demonstrate Expertise:

This certificate shows you have requisite knowledge and the tools to manage projects successfully

Increases Credibility

This certification is recognised globally and respected within the project management community from both employers to colleagues

Opens up new opportunities

This certificate enables you to work across a variety of industries that you may not have access to before your certification

Here are some industries that actively recruit PPC professionals:

Future-Proof Your Career Today.

Get PPC Certified and Get Ready for more Career Success.

20% discount available on a first come basis.

What You Will Learn

What impressed me the most was the delivery of the instructors, it was clear and concise. I know I can
be a bug with questions (LOL), so it helped that all my queries was attended to in-depth. Also, the real-world examples
and hands-on exercises has really helped me now that I’m in the second week on the job.

– Shawn Peters

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