1. Project Management as a Services (PMaaS)

• Lion Heart Project Management as a Service (PMasS) offers you access to Project Management staff, resource and tools at a flexible cost via a fully structured managed service, underpinned by Statement of Works (SOW), Key performance Indicators (KPIs) and Service Level Agreement (SLAs) .

• Our PMS is a flexible Project Management service that gives you the ability to flex your resourcing with your project demand without employing more staff.

• Our resourcing model can help you navigate IR35 for a very simple reason – it does not apply. We employ most of our Project Team, they are on our payroll and therefore comply with UK tax legislation.

• PMS provides access to a wide portfolio of project skills, made available against your demand schedule, from a single Project Manager for a few days, right through to a large team of fully utilised professionals.

2. Business Analysis as a Services (BAaaS)

• Looking for Business Analysts? We offer BAaaS as part of PMaaS. Whether it is production of a business case for Business or IT Project, requirements gathering or data analysis to help with project implementation, BAS can be tailored to your specific requirement. Lion Heart team are experienced across multiple Business and technology solutions, sectors and industries.

• From strategic business analysis consulting through to project execution, our services deliver value for money outcomes. Our experienced consultants have an enviable track record in improving client business analysis capability through organisational development, whilst also providing business analysis services to execute the business analysis activities to deliver project deliverables.

3. Project Management Office as a Service (PMOaaS)

Whether the “P” in PMO stands for Project, Programme or Portfolio Management Office, a PMO should be a valuable part of any organisation. From providing a single source of truth for projects, programmes and demand, through to acting as a full strategic governance and delivery entity, a properly functioning PMO will deliver tangible savings and benefits to your organisation. However, with many PMOs currently struggling for a sense of identity it can be challenging to demonstrate a compelling value proposition to your customers.

THE LION HEART APPROACH: Our unique approach to helping organisations implement, mature and optimise their Project / Programme / Portfolio Offices ensures you get the best value from your PMO proposition.

Whether you require a Spoke and Hub, Supportive, Collaborative or Directive PMO, we invest time getting to understand your organisation and the objectives your PMO needs to satisfy. Together, we identify the PMO structure and service offerings that would best meet your organisational aims and we help you develop these in a common-sense language that your users and customers will understand and appreciate. Our recommendations on what type of PMO would best deliver your aims will reflect not simply your desired state, but the current state of maturity.

BENEFIT : Our approach results in fit for purpose PMO streamlined to deliver the key capabilities required for your organisation at the most efficient costs.

We lean both on our experience in implementing PMOs for large global organisations as well as our deep understanding of the PMO discipline to suggest and help you identify areas where your PMO can begin to demonstrate visible value to your customers. Building strong relationships with the business is essential to ensure that your PMO is seen as a valued partner rather than as an overhead or obstacle to delivering results.

BENEFIT : Your PMO organisation and customers will start to deliver valuable results quickly leading to a positive perception by your customers and an improvement in the overall performance of the PMO.

Because your organisational needs are constantly evolving, we work with you to build a maturity roadmap that ensures your PMO will remain relevant to your business into the future. Your roadmap becomes more than a powerful communication tool as it also helps to inform your people and define your technology capabilities.

BENEFIT : Besides the obvious benefits resulting from managing the expectations of your customers, an evolutionary approach ensures that your maturity increases at a sustainable rate, both from a cost perspective and change readiness perspective, without compromising the quality of your existing services.

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