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Lion Heart Consulting provides a different kind of service for Business & IT leaders and decision makers that have critical change programmes to deliver, need high quality expertise from a trusted, flexible partner and are fed up with the poor value, slow response and rigid structures imposed upon them by current suppliers or market norms.

If you are a COO, CIO, CTO, Programme Director or are otherwise responsible for large, complex Business Change & IT change programs and you need to ensure that you have the right people with proven expertise, approach and tools in place, who can also integrate and work closely with your own teams - then Lion Heart can help you.

We deliver costs that are good value

We are re-shaping Business Change & IT Consulting services to give clients and consultants what they really want – costs that are good value, flexible ways of working with proven IT professionals and successful project and programme outcomes.

To do this we have combined the proven methods, professionalism and structure of traditional IT consulting practice with the experience, pragmatism and independence of IT freelancers, interims & contractors, to create a new hybrid consulting model.

We are building one of the largest high-quality networks of freelance and contract Business & IT experts in the UK which we use to deliver our services, engaging with clients through our own highly experienced in-house team of Managing Consultants who help innovate, define and then manage and take responsibility for the delivery of our clients requirements and outcomes.


and IT Consulting services to give clients and consultants what they really want.